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19 April, 03:53 is proud to be a Media Partner for Fime Show 2023 by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions .
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19 April, 03:49 is proud to be a Media Partner for Africa Health 2023 by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions Markets. Learn more:
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23 February, 05:59 is proud to be a Media Partner for Medic East Africa 2023 by Informa Markets. Learn more:
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Imedical Healthcare Solutions @imedicalshopusa
17 November, 10:11
✨ The Stryker SDC3 HD Information Management System is certified to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition. The Stryker SDC3 HD Information Management System digital capture system is an all-in-one information management system that allows for patient scheduling, video capture, and storage. SDC3 technology allows you to create a customized operating room environment, while providing a consistent and efficient experience. ⭐🌎🌎❗❗

Call: ☎️ +1 844-990-0460
Product URL:-
Visit For More Similar Products URL:-

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Brianna-Lynn Dearing @briannalynn
19 October, 03:22
Stryker Cub Cribs in stock for sale or rental fleets. The Stryker Cub Crib is one of the best pieces of equipment used in infant and neo-natal care. These cribs are durable and allow 360 degree access from all sides with easy to drop down side rails and adjustable head area. These cribs also have the scale feature.

Cub cribs feature
* 360 Access with all four siderails being lowered
* 4 swing open silent access doors
* Integrated scale
* Retractable fifth wheel

We have a large supply of the cub cribs in stock just before peak season hits coming into winter. Contact us below for more information and pricing.

Call Us Toll-Free: +1 844-990-0460

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Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
04 October, 06:00

iMedical Healthcare Solutions is proud to be the home of many Army and Navy veterans with flags flying from military branches on our processing department. Every day iMedical Healthcare Solutions has dedicated employees working hard to recertify and recondition medical equipment to OEM standards.

See some of the many hospital beds being prepared for new rental fleets for upcoming hospitals coming online to use iMedical Healthcare Solutions for their patients.

Come take a look around and see where we prepare beds going into service! If you are a healthcare provider looking for ways to save money consider iMedical Healthcare Solutions for all of your hospital bed and medical equipment rentals. As the largest reseller of hospital beds in the United States we are able to source the exact bed models your facility uses and provide rentals for less than what other vendors charge. Get a quote and see how we can start saving your hospital money. Contact us below for more information.

iMedical Healthcare Solutions
(804) 929-6886

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Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
03 October, 05:32
Florida Healthcare Relief Medical Equipment in Stock!

iMedical Healthcare is assisting and ready to assist more organizations and people in Florida with hospital beds, stretchers and hospital equipment. FEMA and others are looking for hospital beds and other medical equipment and with over 800 beds ready to go our staff is sending equipment to those in need.

If your organization, hospital or facility is in need of medical equipment following the hurricane contact us at 804-929-6886. We have semi trucks ready to go to assist with the recovery process.

Contact us for more information at
804-929-6886 or

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03 October, 05:16
Take your development process to the next level! Visit Jama Software's YouTube channel to find information-packed product demos, training videos, webinars, and more! Subscribe today! >>>

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01 October, 03:08
Amico Group of Companies - Showcasing Booms and Patient Handling

Dave Foster and Nick Wiltshire from The Amico Group of Companies showcase "Booms" and Patient Handling technology which has helped earn them accounts with Duke Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and other high profile hospitals around the United States. A strong desire to create the best products and be an industry leaded pushes Amico to keep close relationships with hospital staff and taking feedback to keep making the products easier to use and refining their footprint.

If you are a hospital administrator or in supply chain this will be an eye opening video which not only shows the quality of Amico products but also how they compare to others in the industry.

Watch this interview with Chace Torres and Sean Callahan as they learn about these products and the history of The Amico Group of Companies.

For more information on the products featured in this video contact Nick Wiltshire below.

Nick Wiltshire | Regional Manager
Amico Mobility Solutions
T: 905.764.0800 Ext. 5563
D: 647.220.4986
Amico Patient Handling and Booms for Hospitals - YouTube Group of Companies - Showcasing Booms and Patient Handling Dav...

Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
01 October, 03:00 Tony Lively with ZRG Medical LLC talks about starting off in the medical equipment industry and how ZRG has grown and what they are doing to promote and grow even more.

ZRG Medical LLC has many programs that encourage high school and college age people to enter into the biomedical equipment field and ZRG Medical does a lot of volunteer work to continue this growth.

Listen to our interview and get some good industry gossip and hear about who might be buying ZRG Medical LLC and how the medical industry is being consolidated with buy outs and company purchases.

For other great interviews from people in the medical industry and social media for the medical visit our websites below.

Buy / sell medical equipment
Social media for the healthcare industry

Contact us below for more information or be a guest for an upcoming podcast at

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Medical Equipment Company Interview with Tony Lively ZRG - YouTube Tony Lively with ZRG Medical LLC talks about starting off in the medical equipment industry and how ZRG has grown and what they are do...

Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
01 October, 02:00
Stryker Cub Cribs in Stock at iMedical Healthcare Solutions
https://www.imedicalshop.c... Stryker Cub Cribs are in stock at iMedical Healthcare Solutions. iMedical Healthcare Solutions can sell the cribs along with infant warmers, infant incubators, cribs, bassinets, fetal monitors, birthing beds and more. Contact iMedical Healthcare Solutions below or visit their website for more information.

iMedical Healthcare Solutions

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Stryker Cub Cribs for Sale - Infant neo-Natal Medical Equipment - YouTube Stryker Cub Cribs are in stock at iMedical Healthcare Solutions. iMedical Healthcare Solutions can sell the cribs along with inf...

Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
30 September, 05:02
Stryker Cub Cribs in Stock! "What's in the Warehouse" at iMedical Healthcare Solutions.

Every day truck loads of medical equipment arrive at the iMedical Healthcare Solutions warehouses in Cincinnati Ohio, Richmond and Virginia Beach Virginia. Currently there is a large selection of infant and neo-natal / NICU equipment available including a large supply of Stryker Cub Cribs that just came in. For more information including pricing and shipping costs contact us below.

iMedical Healthcare Solutions
Phone: 844-990-0460

"What's in the Warehouse" is a FREE way to showcase medical equipment in your medical equipment warehouse and showcase it to the world. Contact or email me a video file and we will post it on our Healthcare Direct USA platofrm and help get the word out. You can also post medical equipment for sale with a FREE 90 day trial at - an online buy and sell shopping portal for the medical industry! - start posting today!

See some of the other videos showcasing the healthcare and medical industry on at:
Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
16 September, 02:23
What's in the Medical Equipment Warehouse?

Come tour iMedical Healthcare Solutions corporate location in Virginia Beach and see "what's in the warehouse". iMedical Healthcare Solutions provides a wide selection of hospital beds, surgical equipment, stretchers, patient monitors, EKG's, endoscopy equipment, infant - neo natal equipment and much more. For more information contact iMedical Healthcare Solutions at 844-990-0460 or visit their website at

Healthcare Direct USA is a new social media channel focused on connectin
Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
06 September, 04:21
✨Find post anesthesia care room (PACU) medical equipment for sale for "post op", "pre-op", emergency room care and more at iMedical Equipment and Service. We provide a wide range of PACU medical equipment including stretchers, gurneys, anesthesia monitors - CO2 monitors, oxygen regulators, bedside tables, patient vital sign monitors and more. Medical equipment for surgery centers and hospitals with warranty sold bio-med certified and patient ready. Contact us for more information and prices. ⭐🌎🌎🌎🌎❗❗

Call: ☎️ +1 844-990-0460
Visit to know more: 🌐 https://bit.
Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
30 August, 04:40
✨Stryker 1015 SM204 "ER" Stretcher is a popular stretcher - gurney used in emergency departments and emergency rooms in hospitals all over the United States. This stretcher is also used in post anesthesia care units (PACU) and for general patient transport. The 1015 big wheel stretcher is sold - used refurbished as seen in the video and offers a 26 or 30 inch wide patient surface, adjustable height with hydraulic kick pump, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg. The "big wheel" aka "5th wheel" makes it easier to steer and requires 40% less push than other stretcher models. For more informati

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