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Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
05 May, 04:15
For sale - Display SONY LMD-DM30 PACS - Refurbished
New and used medical equipment listings are published daily at!🌎 #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical #medicaldevicesales #radiology #imaging
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
05 May, 02:41
For sale Display SONY LMD-DM30 PACS - Refurbished has hundreds of display screens available to choose from! 🖥️https://www.medglobalgroup... #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical #medicaldevicesales #radiology
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
19 April, 03:48 has simple navigation, the latest technology, and powerful tools to make it easy for you to buy the medical devices you need. Register for FREE
#medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
16 March, 07:29
Insights Buyers Guide from delivers your message in a new unique way using technology. Subscribing to MedGlobalGroup automatically gives you and your products a presence in the Buyers Guide. See all the benefits of using Insights Buyers Guide. #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical #medicaldevicesales
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
31 January, 07:48
Primis Medical has available hundreds of Smith & Nephew implants available on👍https://www.medglobalgroup... #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
26 January, 10:23
For over 39 years, Ampronix has led medical imaging innovation and design. Visit to see more products from Ampronix. 🌎
https://www.medglobalgroup... #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
26 January, 03:46 is now in 148 countries and in multiple languages and currencies! The MGG Network is growing fast. We welcome new sellers to register today. #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical #medicaldevicesales
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
23 January, 06:35
If you are a distributor, subscribe for FREE at, upload your products, and start selling!
#medicaldevicesales #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #biomedical
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
18 October, 05:21
Build a Marketing and Sales Strategy for LATAM!

LATAM is still the most logical market for selling used medical equipment and parts, but sales strategies must change. Inflation pressures have gone beyond food and energy, and a slowdown in the US economy directly affects LATAM economies - trade, remittances, and tourism have slowed.

Price increases in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru are expected to reach 7.8% at the end of 2022 and drop to 4.9% next year, still above their central banks' tolerance bands. The IMF forecasts consumer prices ending this year up 14.6% in Latam and the Caribbean and expects the rate to slow to 9.5% next year.

Well-informed strategies positively impact your marketing and sales in the LATAM region. has focused on the LATAM marketplace since 2014. Visit to learn more.
#medicalequipment #medicasales
Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
04 October, 06:48
The #BIOMEDevice team had a great time in Boston last week. Attendance levels were back to pre-pandemic levels, the show floor felt energized and valuable connections were made. The team kicked off the week with a volunteer event at Community Servings, where we prepared and packed meals for people living with critical illnesses. Thanks to Adrienne Zepeda Linnette LaFontaine Steve Everly Annie Helfgott Andrew Rychalski Adam Morris Bengü Tiffany K. for helping out!
Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
04 October, 06:45
Patricia Soto de Gibson
Patricia Soto de Gibson
• 1st
Chief Marketing Officer at VentasMedicas/MedGlobalGroup | Marketing and Business Development | Non-Profit Management | Connecting healthcare institutions with products services
22h • 22 hours ago

Visit Medics International Store at
23h • 23 hours ago
Medics International published this product on CLICK to visit. #medicaldevices
Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
01 October, 03:00 Tony Lively with ZRG Medical LLC talks about starting off in the medical equipment industry and how ZRG has grown and what they are doing to promote and grow even more.

ZRG Medical LLC has many programs that encourage high school and college age people to enter into the biomedical equipment field and ZRG Medical does a lot of volunteer work to continue this growth.

Listen to our interview and get some good industry gossip and hear about who might be buying ZRG Medical LLC and how the medical industry is being consolidated with buy outs and company purchases.

For other great interviews from people in the medical industry and social media for the medical visit our websites below.

Buy / sell medical equipment
Social media for the healthcare industry

Contact us below for more information or be a guest for an upcoming podcast at

#zrg #zrgmedical #tonylively #Healthcare #medicalequipment
Medical Equipment Company Interview with Tony Lively ZRG - YouTube Tony Lively with ZRG Medical LLC talks about starting off in the medical equipment industry and how ZRG has grown and what they are do...

Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
23 September, 03:15
Add GW Modifier for Hospice

When a patient gets enrolled in hospice for treatment, the claims submitted to Medicare HMOs will be denied as ‘Service not Covered’ because Medicare does not cover a patient enrolled in Hospice. In such case, check patient’s eligibility, confirm hospice dates and add GW modifier.

Our Internal Medicine billing experts can assist you:

#RCM #ICD10 #CMS #CPT #Reimbursement #Denials #Payers #ClaimDenials #ChargeEntry #RCMServices #RCMProcess #DenialManagement #AccountsReceivable #MedicalBilling #MedicalCoding #Medicare #Medicaid #MedicalBi
Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
08 September, 01:38

How to sell medical equipment into Latin America with Thomas Gibson from Med Global Group. Medical equipment companies in the United States are looking for ways to expand sales into Latin America and Med Global Group based out of Mexico provides a platform which targets those buyers. With additional services to assist with shipping, a monthly eMagazine and other great features this website is fast becoming a platform medical vendors are going to. Learn about the medical equipment market in Mexico and other areas and how this region is fast g
Selling Medical Equipment Into Latin America - YouTube

How to sell medical equipment into Latin America with Thomas Gibson from Med Global Group. Medical equipment companies in the United States are looking for w...

Sean Callahan @Sean_Callahan
31 August, 05:51


Video with the kids getting ready for school

Help us send the kids to school

Team Destiny Missions is Partners with joseph Zelhofer Lawal, Director of Children of Gods Mission and Susan Seasay, Director of Save_d_young_girls_foundation. Together we are sponsoring this School Supply Campaign. Click the link below

I check in with joseph Zelhofer Lawal and his kids at the orphanage in Sierra Leone. Joseph is doing an amazing job
Children of God Mission Sierra Leone Back to School 2022 - YouTube

Help support Joseph and the kids with a new home below - Of God Orpha...

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