BeardedBiomed @BeardedBiomed
11 January, 02:55
I hope you enjoy the episode below but I have a question for my colleagues? During the past year or so with interviewing (Mainly Tech 1 positions) what are some things that yu have noticed that give you pause/alarm or even hope?

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Interviewing For A Biomed Technician Position - YouTube

I start of 2023 with some thoughts I have had brewing in regards to interviewing over the past year. If your looking for a position as a Biomed whether its a...

BeardedBiomed @BeardedBiomed
09 January, 03:48
First episode of 2023 premiers this Wed Jan 11 on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & more!

#biomed #BMET #htmNation #medicaldevices #Healthcare #healthcareprofessionals #Interviews #jobsearchadvice #interviewing #medicalequipment
Healthcare and Medical News Line @HealthcareDirectUSA
04 October, 06:51
Dr. Jeffrey Smoot, DCompSci, MBA, BIT
• 2nd
CEO (, AI in Healthcare Futurist, Healthcare Consultant on Innovations. Professor of Biomedical Technology (HTM), VP CMIA San Diego chapter, AAMI AI Standards Committee and Technical Management Council.
31m • 31 minutes ago
Now Cohort 9 is at the 8 week mark of the program. They are now accessing various types of equipment to determine its functionality, some of the equipment does not work. They are to determine whether to keep or trash. The equipment is from batteries to probes to broken Infusion Pumps to leads to modules. They are really using there troubleshooting skills...

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