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28 November, 06:52
✨ Stopping the spread of MRSAs, VREs, and other infectious microbes can save hospitals millions of dollars as well as improving patient outcomes. Harloff's isolation carts and door mount/wall mount isolation cabinets are designed to store all the supplies required by protocol to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission in hospitals between patients, healthcare workers and visitors. ⭐🌎🌎❗❗

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31 October, 03:50
Hospital efforts to tackle social determinants of health stall, data shows

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31 October, 03:49
Hospitals pivot to new tactics as they try to recruit, retain staff
Health systems are doubling down on their efforts to keep current employees while attracting an increasing number of new staff as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Read more below -

Published Oct. 26, 2022
Thomas Gibson @MedGlobal_Group
12 October, 05:22
Sale! Hill Rom CareAssist Bed - Hill Rom CareAssist Beds recertified and reconditioned with a new mattress included. One of the newer hospital beds made by Hill Rom is available in the recertified market. These beds are still in use in many hospitals in the United States, and these are full electric beds that include a scale and bed exit.
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12 October, 04:28
5 Signs It’s Time To Consider Outsourcing your Radiology Billing Services

Let’s agree to the fact that Radiology Billing Services is not a glamorous work and fun to cover. Even for an experienced radiologist it can be stressful and overwhelming. The medical billing procedure used to be rather simple, but it has evolved into a complex web of factors today.

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04 October, 08:30
Rethink Healthcare acquires six micro-hospitals in Texas
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
Rethink Healthcare Real Estate has acquired six micro-hospitals under Baylor Scott & White Health in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area of Texas.

Containing an average of eight to 10 short stay beds, micro-hospitals are small inpatient facilities that provide simple acute and emergency services often performed in big hospitals.

An alternative to long waiting lists in large hospitals, they are located in underserved areas that lack the resources to support a full-service facility, according to Emerus, which operates 20 across the U.S., including the six Baylor Scott & White Health facilities.

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04 October, 06:10
ZRG Medical celebrates AHRMM, National Healthcare Supply Chain Week. It provides an opportunity to recognize the integral role supply chain professionals play in delivering high-quality patient care throughout the healthcare field.

In recognition of the hard work and dedication of supply chain professionals who support every area of healthcare organization, not just during the public health crisis but every day, the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) proudly celebrates SC Week.

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04 October, 06:00

iMedical Healthcare Solutions is proud to be the home of many Army and Navy veterans with flags flying from military branches on our processing department. Every day iMedical Healthcare Solutions has dedicated employees working hard to recertify and recondition medical equipment to OEM standards.

See some of the many hospital beds being prepared for new rental fleets for upcoming hospitals coming online to use iMedical Healthcare Solutions for their patients.

Come take a look around and see where we prepare beds going into service! If you are a healthcare provider looking for ways to save money consider iMedical Healthcare Solutions for all of your hospital bed and medical equipment rentals. As the largest reseller of hospital beds in the United States we are able to source the exact bed models your facility uses and provide rentals for less than what other vendors charge. Get a quote and see how we can start saving your hospital money. Contact us below for more information.

iMedical Healthcare Solutions
(804) 929-6886

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03 October, 07:43
Advance Care Planning - Why are the numbers so low and how can we fix it?
The prevalence of advance care planning in primary care is vastly lower than in aged care and acute hospitals, signaling a major policy challenge for enabling palliative care in the home.

A 2021 multicentre audit by Advance Care Planning Australia examined the prevalence of advance care directives (a legal record of a person’s preferences for care and treatment), or documented advance care plans found that only approximately 30 per cent of older people had an advance care document.


From Jolene Hill on LinkedIn
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02 October, 05:29
Looking forward to the Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute put on by the International Performance Management Institute (IPMI) this week in Los Angeles, CA. Cannot wait to learn more from my colleagues during these several days as well as to share insight with my partner, Michael Vetter, on FMV Considerations in Physician-Hospital Transactions.

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01 October, 03:08
Amico Group of Companies - Showcasing Booms and Patient Handling

Dave Foster and Nick Wiltshire from The Amico Group of Companies showcase "Booms" and Patient Handling technology which has helped earn them accounts with Duke Hospital, Cleveland Clinic and other high profile hospitals around the United States. A strong desire to create the best products and be an industry leaded pushes Amico to keep close relationships with hospital staff and taking feedback to keep making the products easier to use and refining their footprint.

If you are a hospital administrator or in supply chain this will be an eye opening video which not only shows the quality of Amico products but also how they compare to others in the industry.

Watch this interview with Chace Torres and Sean Callahan as they learn about these products and the history of The Amico Group of Companies.

For more information on the products featured in this video contact Nick Wiltshire below.

Nick Wiltshire | Regional Manager
Amico Mobility Solutions
T: 905.764.0800 Ext. 5563
D: 647.220.4986
Amico Patient Handling and Booms for Hospitals - YouTube Group of Companies - Showcasing Booms and Patient Handling Dav...

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30 September, 05:40 (E)
Florida Hospitals transfer patients, prep for Hurricane Ian
by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter
In the lead up to Hurricane Ian’s arrival, hospitals in Florida evacuated patients to other facilities and called off noncritical procedures in advance of Hurricane Ian.

HCA Florida Pasadena Hospital employed five helicopters to ship about 40 patients to providers outside Pinellas County’s mandatory evacuation zone late Monday, September 26. The health system also moved patients from its facilities in South, West and Central Tampa and suspended services.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital halted elective procedures and closed its outpatient centers, as did Tampa General Hospital with its noncritical procedures and urgent care and surgery centers and clinics, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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27 September, 03:42
#Ventilators Market : Initiatives of companies for meeting the increased demand for ventilators
Know more :-

A ventilator, breathing machine, or respirator is a machine that assists with breathing. It is mainly used in hospitals to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea, acute lung injury, and hypoxemia. Over the years, the ventilators market has evolved significantly due to technological advancements, such as developing advanced portable ventilators and improvements in the sensor technologies used in ventilators.

The ventilators market i
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15 September, 02:39
✨The GE AMX 4 Plus portable X ray machine - radiography machine is one of the most durable and reliable portable x ray machines sold in the United States. Easy adjustment for a variety of uses for patients and an easy steer and auto moving feature make it easy to take down hallways or manipulate in patient rooms. iMedical Equipment and Service provides sales and service for these x ray machines and can ship them anywhere in the United States and anywhere in the world. These are used in hospitals, surgery centers, urgent care facilities and more⭐🌎🌎🌎🌎❗❗

Call: ☎️ +1 844-990-0460
Email:✉️ info
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15 September, 01:16

Hill Rom P3200 Versacare Beds - one of the most durable and reliable beds Hill Rom has made and a bed that can come equipped with a foam or air mattress system.

The Hill Rom P3200 Versacare bed is ideal for International hospitals, long term care and home care and with a low to the ground bed deck (with mattress only 17 inches) and a drop down rail system making it easy to ingress and egress from bed. These beds are used in hospitals all around the United States and shipped to hospitals all over the world.

We have several hundred Versa
Hill Rom P3200 Versacare Bed Walk Through - YouTube

The Hill Rom P3200 Versacare bed comes with a foam mattress or an air mattress. See a video showing instructions and features of the Hill Rom P3200 Versacare...

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